While the impact of antibiotics on gut bacteria is well known, do other commonly prescribed medications impact gut bacteria?

The vast world of gastrointestinal bacterial diversity has been the subject of greater research focus in recent years. However, many significant areas remain understudied. One such area is the impact commonly prescribed medicines have on the bacterial diversity of the human gastrointestinal tract.

Offering Effective Alternatives to Reflux Managment

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Dr. John Lipham, Chief, Upper GI & General Surgery at the University of Southern California
In the video Dr. Lipham discusses outcomes in LINX® patients with acid reflux or GERD and large Hiatal Hernias.

  • The barrier to reflux is both the LES and the integrity of the crura
  • Hiatal hernia is one of the reasons patients have reflux
  • The LES makes up about half of the reflux barrier, the Integrity of the crura makes up the other half
  • In general, as the hiatal hernia gets bigger, the reflux gets worse
  • No matter what size the hernia is, it needs to be fixed to restore that component to the barrier