Patient Testimonials

At Albany Surgical it is our privledge when patients entrust us with their care and the care of their loved ones. We are thankful and honored to care for our community and beyond. Thank you to each and every patient and to those that have generously shared their stories below.

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Doctor Smith
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Ron B.

Dear Dr. Smith,,

It’s rare that I have any correspondence with a physician after surgery other than follow up visits. In this case I wanted to write that the LINX surgery in October 2017 was a complete success. I cannot believe that after 60 years of suffering from GERD and acid reflux, my life is free from all these issues. I cannot thank you enough for this life-changing surgery.

There is another reason for writing this letter. Starting in late December 2016 through September 2017, I was hospitalized four times with pneumonia, later to be diagnosed as aspiration pneumonia. Since the surgery I have no been in a hospital, other than for routine tests and patient visits.

It seems the LINX surgery has a secondary benefit of blocking mucus or other objects (for lack of a better word) from entering the lung(s). This has also been a blessing. no longer worrying about when I will be admitted to a hospital for pneumonia.

Ron B.