Varicose Leg Veins

Overview of Varicose Veins

Your legs are made up of a network of veins. Healthy leg veins contain valves that open and close to assist the return of blood back to the heart. Venous reflux disease develops when the valves that keep blood flowing out of the legs and back to the heart become damaged or diseased. This can cause blood to pool in your legs and lead to symptoms such as pain, swelling, swollen limbs, leg heaviness and fatigue, skin changes and skin ulcers, and varicose veins.

Treatment for Varicose Veins

If you suffer from varicose leg veins, VNUS Closure may be the perfect soultion for you. The VNUS Closure procedure is performed in our office under a local anesthetic, which ensures the procedure is virtually painless.

During the Closure procedure, a tiny catheter is placed in the varicose vein under ultrasound guidance. Radiofrequency energy is delivered throught the catheter, causing just enough heat to close or collapse the vein as the catheter is withdrawn. The vein is then reasorbed into the surrounding tissue, resulting in elimination of the unsightly varicose vein, as well as the symptoms you may have experienced.

The cosmetic outcome of the Closure procedure is generally very pleasing, and in most patients the long term result is permanent elimination of the treated vein. Most patients experience very little if any scarring. Best of all, you will be on your feet immediately after the procedure, and back to most normal activities within a day.

If you suffer from varicose vein symptoms, your insurance or Medicare will in most cases cover the majority of the cost of varicose vein treatment. Typicals symptoms include pain, itching, bleeding, swelling and in some cases leg ulcers. We will work with your insurance company to determine what coverage is available for your treatment and obtain advance approval for your treatment if required.

Varicose Veins - Dr. Price Corr